Preternature: New Titles for Review

preternature_greenPreternature: New Titles for Review

Preternature provides an interdisciplinary, inclusive forum for the study of topics that stand in the liminal space between the known world and the inexplicable. The journal embraces a broad and dynamic definition of the preternatural that encompasses the weird and uncanny—magic, witchcraft, spiritualism, occultism, esotericism, demonology, monstrophy, and more, recognizing that the areas of magic, religion, and science are fluid and that their intersections should continue to be explored, contextualized, and challenged.

Preternature (Penn State press) is soliciting reviewers for a number of titles recently received:

  • Monster Anthropology in Australasia and Beyond, edited by Yasmine Musharbash and Geir Henning Presterudstuen (Palgrave MacMillan, 2014);
  • Magical Transformations on the Early Modern English Stage, edited by Lisa Hopkins and Helen Ostovich (Ashgate, 2014);
  • Claire Fanger, Rewriting Magic: An Exegesis of the Visionary Autobiography of a Fourteenth-Century French Monk (Penn State, 2015);
  • E. R. Truitt, Medieval Robots: Mechanism, Magic, Nature and Art (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2015);
  • Sarah F. Williams, Damnable Practises: Witches, Dangerous Women and Music in Seventeenth-Century English Broadside Ballads (Ashgate, 2015);
  • Jan Machielsen, Martin Delrio: Demonology and Scholarship in the Counter Reformation (Oxford, 2015).

Reviews should be c. 2000 wds and feature a discussion of how the text related to the broader historiography of the subject. Reviewers should have a Ph.D. or be close to completing doctoral studies.

Anyone interested should contact Richard Raiswell.


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