Welcome to the International Society for Intellectual History. The ISIH was created in 1994 to promote the study and teaching of intellectual history in all its forms and to foster communication and interaction among the global community of scholars in the field.

The Society organizes regular international conferences, publishes a journal, and maintains an online announcements feed for all the latest information in the field of intellectual history. Embracing a wide variety of approaches, methods, and disciplinary perspectives, the ISIH invites membership from scholars working in the histories of philosophy and theology; science, medicine, and technology; legal and political thought; literature, the visual arts, and music; as well as in social and cultural history more generally.

The Intellectual History Review has been the journal of the ISIH since 2007. Published quarterly, it is a forum for the international intellectual history community, promoting the work and aims of the  Society as well as the study of intellectual history more broadly.

As well as articles, the Intellectual History Review regularly publishes literature surveys, and essay reviews of current work in intellectual history and related historical areas. The journal construes ‘intellectual’ in the most inclusive and comprehensive sense, focusing primarily on intellectual history from the sixteenth century to the present. It publishes papers on the history of philosophy, religion, science, anthropology, psychology and the social sciences, and other relevant intellectual formations.

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  • #ISIH2022 Conference

    #ISIH2022 Conference

    #ISIH2022 Our 2022 Conference will take place in Venice, 12-15 Sept.