EMPHASIS Seminar Series, 2021/22

Early Modern Philosophy and the Scientific Imagination Seminar (EMPHASIS), organised by Stephen Clucas (Birkbeck, University of London)

The EMPHASIS seminar focuses on the history of early modern philosophy (broadly construed), and the history of early modern science (including the occult sciences). It is one of the only seminars in London which addresses these themes together.

All papers in the 2021-2022 schedule will be online via zoom. For further details and to register visit the webpage here.

23 October 2021

Stephen Clucas (Birkbeck, University of London)

John Dee and the ‘Holy Art’ of Alchemy.

6 November 2021

Zoe Screti (University of Birmingham)

‘”The begynyng and endyng ys all one”: Creation, Death, and Resurrection in Early Modern English Alchemical Treatises.’

4 December 2021

Abram Kaplan (Harvard)

“The Advancement of Mathematical Learning: Common Knowledge and Private Property in the Mathematical Republic of Letters, 1655-1693”.

15 January 2022

Stefano Gulizia (University of Milan)

“Natural regeneration in Kepler’s science (1596-1611)”.

5 February 2022

Alicja Bielak (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)

‘”Explorers rather than Gatherers” – Digestion of Knowledge and Reading Practices in the notes of the Polish polymath Jan Brożek (1585-1682).’

5 March 2022

Mattia Mantovani (KU Leuven)

“Mechanicῶs/Mechanice: Reconsidering the Origin of Mechanical Philosophy.”

16 April 2022

Anna Ortin Nadal (University of Groningen)

 “Descartes’ taxonomy of signs and the model for sensory perception”.

7 May 2022

Didi van Trijp (University of Leiden)

“Natural History, Illuminated: Depicting Lifelikeness in Early Modern Europe”.

11 June 2022

Jeremy Schneider (Princeton)

“The Blind Naturalist: G. E. Rumphius (1627-1702) and the Problem of Other Minds”.

2 July 2022

Spencer Weinreich (Princeton)

“Broken Bones: Matter, Miracle, and the Reformation of the Relics”.

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