The Journal of Early Modern Studies Needs Your Help!

Dear colleagues and friends,

We need your help. Recent developments in Romania are making it more and more difficult to keep up the Journal of Early Modern Studies (JEMS) on our research funds. In order to keep the journal going we need subscriptions, both individual and institutional.

As some of you know, the Journal of Early Modern Studies was founded in 2013, by Vlad Alexandrescu and Dana Jalobeanu, with Sorana Corneanu as a book editor and with a prestigious, active and very helpful editorial board, comprising: Igor Agostini, Peter Anstey, Roger Ariew, Daniel Garber, Peter Harrison, Cristoph Lüthy, Koen Vermeir. JEMS  is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal in intellectual history, dedicated to the investigation of the interactions between philosophy, science and religion in early modern Europe. Since 2013 we have published 12 issues, with a frequency of 2 issues per year, a special issue and a general issue. Three more issue are in preparation: a special issue on The Mathematization of Natural Philosophy between Practical Knowledge and Disciplinary Blending edited by Dana Jalobeanu and Grigore Vida, the general issue for 2018, and a special issue on Common Notions in Early Modern Thought (guest editor: Andreas Blank).

The Journal of Early Modern Studies is idexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ISI Thomson) and ERIH+, and can be also found on CEEOL, EBSCO, EBSCO Discover, Google Books, Google Scholar, Philosophy Documentation Center, Philosophy Research Index, PhilPapers, ProQuest Summon, WorldCat Local.

We have come a long way in the past 6 years and we would like to be able to keep going. You can help us in three ways:

  1. By acquiring an individual online subscription, 45 USD/year; you can acquire an individual online subscription here:

  1. By buying individual issues (on paper) directly from the publisher; you can buy individual issues here:

  1. By recommending JEMS to your librarian. Online institutional subscriptions (150 USD/year) can also be acquired online via:

We hope that with your help we can take JEMS at the next level, developing it into a world-class journal in the field of early modern philosophy and the sciences.

Sincerely yours,

Dana Jalobeanu & Vlad Alexandrescu

For more information, please see the JEMS Website.


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