CFP: The Care of the Self in Early Modern Philosophy and Science

CFP: Special Issue of the Journal of Early Modern Studies

The Care of the Self in Early Modern Philosophy and Science (ed. Sorana Corneanu)

The practice of early modern philosophy and science involved an important measure of concern with the care of the self. The pursuit of the theoretical or the experimental components of the various philosophies and sciences from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries were often understood to be grounded in and/or to contribute to the good constitution or moulding of their practitioners. The ways in which this was so are still in need of detailed investigation. We invite contributions that address this historiographic line of inquiry and pay focused attention to relevant authors and themes. Among the latter, we propose: the connections between regimens of the self, whether cognitive, affective or corporeal, and the rationales, goals and methods of the practice of the various philosophies and sciences; the interplay between the individual and the communal in such care of the self; the conceptualization of bodies, minds and their relation presupposed or shaped by such concerns; notions of self emerging out of this picture.

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