IHR: Discourses of Humanity in the Enlightenment (September 2013)

Intellectual History Review, Vol. 23, No. 3, 01 Sep 2013 is now available on Taylor & Francis Online.

Special Issue: Discourses of Humanity in the Enlightenment: Local Mediations of a Global Aspiration

This new issue contains the following articles:

Special Issue: Discourses of Humanity in the Enlightenment: Local Mediations of a Global Aspiration 
Alexander Cook & Ned Curthoys
Pages: 285-288

The Figure of Man and the Territorialisation of Justice in ‘Enlightenment’ Natural Law: Pufendorf and Vattel
Ian Hunter
Pages: 289-307

‘The Great Society of the Human Species’: Volney and the Global Politics of Revolutionary France
Alexander Cook
Pages: 309-328

Pandours, Partisans, and Petite Guerre: The Two Dimensions of Enlightenment Discourse on War
Bruce Buchan
Pages: 329-347

Sir Charles Grandison, Natural Law and the Fictionalised English Gentleman
Lisa O’Connell
Pages: 349-363

Redescribing the Enlightenment: The German-Jewish adoption of Bildung as a counter-normative ideal
Ned Curthoys
Pages: 365-386

Philosophers, Naturalists, and Antipodean Encounters, 1748-1803
Bronwen Douglas
Pages: 387-409

Mankind and its Histories: William Robertson, Georg Forster, and a Late Eighteenth-Century German Debate
László Kontler
Pages: 411-429

Notes and Documents 
International Society for Intellectual History: Intellectual Hinterlands
Pages: 431-432

For more information, please see the Intellectual History Review’s website.


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