2018 Conference

Borders, Boundaries, Limits

10 – 13 June 2018, University of St Andrews, Scotland

The political aspects of the theme of the conference are obvious and topical – outsiders/insiders, citizens/neighbours/strangers/migrants/refugees/enemies. We would also like to encourage papers on more global subjects, including civilizations, travel, colonization, and such like. Furthermore, we would encourage papers on the history of natural philosophy, theology, metaphysics, etc.: histories of the extent of the universe, of the visible, and of the measurable. Finally, we are keen to have papers on ethics: transgressions of every kind.


The submission deadline has now passed.

For further details and registration, please click here.

Conference organisers: Richard Whatmore, Elsie Johnstone, Michael Hunter, & James A.T. Lancaster

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    2019 ISIH Conference

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