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The International Society for Intellectual History has been a forum connecting intellectual historians since 1993. In the past the ISIH incorporated news of our member’s publications inĀ Intellectual News. To serve a similar function, the ISIH is now expanding its website to include a new announcement section. Our intention is to develop a site collecting information on: undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field; scholarships and other funding opportunities; essay and monograph prizes; major research resources; seminar series, workshops, conferences and exhibitions; calls for papers; and major collaborative research projects.

To submit an announcement to be included on the International Society for Intellectual History’s Announcements list, as well as our Facebook page, please complete the following details, which will be submitted to the Announcements Editor, Julie Davies. Alternatively, you may download a PDF version of the Announcement Submission Form and return it by e-mail.

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  • 2019 ISIH Conference

    2019 ISIH Conference

    #ISIH2019 will take place 5-7 June 2019 at the University of Queensland.