Registration Open: Early Modern Civil Religion Workshop

Registration Open: Early Modern Civil Religion Workshop

14 September 2017, Newcastle University

This one-day workshop proposes to open a discussion into civil religion in early modernity on its own terms, rather than as a subsect of existing scholarly narratives. It seeks to bring together scholars from different disciplinary spheres in order to encourage reflection on this notion of ‘civil religion,’ and to construct an understanding of its specific contribution to its intellectual and cultural context.

Speakers include: Mark Goldie (Cambridge) and Luisa Simonutti (Istituto per la storia del pensiero filosofico e scientifico moderno).

The Workshop will begin at 11 am, in Seminar Room 2.22, The Research Beehive, Newcastle University. If you would like to attend, please email by Friday 8th September. There is no registration fee for this event. Please indicate when registering if you would like to attend the conference dinner.

For further information, please see the conference website.


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