Warburg Institute Appeal

Warburg LogoWarburg Institute Appeal

For those interested in the Warburg Institute, its former Director, Charles Hope, has an article in the current issue of the London Review of Books, detailing events and conversations surrounding the recent court decision. As the article explains, the Warburg Institute has suffered severe financial strains from its legal struggles, which are ongoing. Because its finances are managed by the University of London, currently also its legal adversary, the best way to help the Institute directly is through the American Friends of the Warburg Institute. Please consider making a monetary contribution to the Institute, as explained in the link to the AFWI’s annual appeal letter below. (The AFWI is also in the process of developing its own website, which has the same letter, and will have more information in the future.) Although donations are tax-exempt only for Americans, the AFWI is happy to accept any contributions.

Download the Appeal Letter, and help save the Warburg Institute.


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